Sailing the Sporades

The Sporades group lies off the eastern shore of the Greek mainland. These lesser-known islands have a very authentic charm. Stunning to behold, the islands are covered with old stone white-washed houses in maze like streets that are bustling with life.

The islands are consistently described as being breathtakingly beautiful. Covered in greenery and with perfect turquoise waters to match, they make for an excellent charter destination. Despite their rising popularity there are still plenty of quiet places that can only be reached by yacht.

The group consists of Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonnisos and Skyros each with something unique to offer. The islands famously provided the setting for Mama Mia, so if you’re an ABBA fan maybe the Sporades would make for the perfect holiday location.



In the heart of the Sporades archipelago, Skiathos is known for its amazing beaches, lush pine forests, cosmopolitan aura, and vivid nightlife. Popular with nature lovers and party people alike, this idyllic Aegean island has something for everyone. The island is infamous for its beaches. Boasting 60 stunning examples with soft sand and crystal clear waters. Romantic waterfronts, medieval fortresses, quaint villages and cosmopolitan towns await!

Skiathos town is the biggest and most popular settlement on the island. Its romantic waterfront draws visitors, who sit at the seaside taverna’s to enjoy traditional meals, before getting lost in the narrow alleys of the town.


Skopelos is a gorgeous island thats centrally positioned in the island group. Its picture-perfect setting and unspoiled charm make Skopelos a popular holiday destination with families and couples alike. There are some wonderful peaceful anchorages dotted around the south-West corner of the island where you can enjoy a quiet night on anchor. If you fancy a bit of life head to the main town of the same name and explore the busy waterfront populated with a good many bars & restaurants. 

Skopelos has become particularly famous as a filming location for the Mamma Mia movie. The picturesque church of Agios Ioannis Kastri, where the wedding scene was filmed, is now known as the Mamma Mia church!

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