Sail in the Incredible sea-life, perfect beaches & enjoy sunset cocktails.

Charter your own Private Boat around the Caribbean Islands

Warm winds, crystal clear waters and some of the best white sand beaches in the world. The Caribbean offers adventurous holiday opportunities quite unlike anywhere else in the world.

Jump into waters full of life and snorkel over coral reefs that are home to a beautifully complex underwater world. Stroll along pristine, untouched, white sand beaches. Then finish the day sipping on a locally produced rum punch cocktail. These islands are anyone and everyone’s perfect holiday destination.

The Caribbean is a melting pot of cultures & influences – a beautiful, diverse mix that gives the region its unique identity. Embrace the laid back island lifestyle. Enjoy incredible local cuisine full of colourful ingredients, flavourful spices & condiments. The abundance of sea-life is reflected in amazing seafood & if you’re interested in fishing – the Caribbean waters have rich pickings.


The British Virgin Islands

A world renowned sailing ground. There are so many small islands here that you’ll find yourself conflicted over exactly where to go each day. Laid-back and low-key, the BVI’s are an absolutely gorgeous place to sail…

St Martin, Anguilla & St Barths

One of the most popular yacht charter areas in the whole of the Caribbean – the three islands: St Martin, Anguilla and St Barth’s make a wonderful cruising ground. Start your holiday in St Martin, a glorious…

The Grenadines

The Grenadine Islands are beautifully diverse. The larger islands are of volcanic origin and rise imposingly from the sea coated in a lush thick green forest. The smaller islands are occasionally little more than dried out reefs…

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