Choose from some of the worlds best sailing grounds

Considered the ultimate island hopping destination, Greece is a country brimming with historical significance and natural beauty. Experience a wealth of culture across innumerable islands each with their own distinct identity and feel.

Visit Croatia’s Dalmatian coast. Discover a perfect fusion between the old and the new in a place where modern cosmopolitan life is offset by amazing Venetian architecture and history. All encompassed in amazing natural surrounds.

Charter in Turkey and experience Mediterranean culture with a Turkish twist. Here the coast is littered with historically significant sites set among simply stunning natural landscapes. Go back in time and enjoy a wonderful relaxing holiday.

Italy has always stood apart as an enticing, romantic destination and you can rest assured that all the tropes ring true! Beautiful coastlines brimming with history and culture await! And in Italy you can be certain to enjoy amazing food & wine.

The Caribbean has always appealed to yachtsmen. The paradisaical long island chain features some of the most amazing places you could hope to visit by yacht. The waters are full of life and the islands brimming with local food and culture.

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