Rich culture, dramatic scenery & excellent cuisine

Sailing in Italy

There are few places that will seduce you more than Italy. Staggering scenery, exquisite cuisine, amazing wine, stylish and spirited – its no surprise that Italy is one of the worlds most revered sailing destinations. With its magnificent coastlines and glistening archipelagos, Italy is a paradise for those looking to go on a private yacht charter. The 3 main sailing areas draw some of the most glamorous tourists from around the world.

Sailing in Italy you can be sure that you’ll come across some of the most captivating places to come upon by sea. Crystal clear waters, glamorous port towns, beautiful fishing villages and impressive natural landscapes make Italy an excellent choice for any sailor.

Why sail in Italy?

  • Good variety of sailing areas – conditions to suit every group
  • Excellent food & wine, unlike anywhere else in the world
  • Clear blue waters and stunning natural landscapes
  • Rich blend of history & modern cosmopolitan atmosphere
  • Boutique shopping and high-end hospitality


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FAQ's - Sailing Italy

Why charter a yacht in Italy?

Italy has always been held as one of Europes premier holiday destinations. An enticing mixture of culture, food & scenery bringing back visitors year after year. Where better to explore on your own charter yacht holiday?

There’s significant varation in sail areas Italy has to offer, with something to suit sailors of all skill levels. Wherever it is that you choose to sail, you can be sure that you’ll be blown-away by the islands & locations you encounter.

What is the best period to sail in Italy?

The Italian sailing season runs from May – September. Pricing scales with demand and school holiday periods will be more highly priced. If your group has the flexibility it’s well worth visiting in shoulder months like June & September. The weather is still very reliable, but it’s less busy and you’ll save substantially on hire pricing.

How much does it cost to charter a yacht in Italy?

The cost of a charter in Italy will depend on: The time of year, sail-area & the yacht’s model, age & spec. Week-long bareboat charters in the low season can start from as little as €2,500. While a peak period charter for a large luxury catamaran can reach €35,000 a week.

Running costs like Crew & Moorings will generally be a bit higher than other areas of the Med. But you can be sure that you’ll recieve an outstanding service.

What are the requirements for sailing in Italy?

If you want to take a yacht yourselves in Italy then you’ll need at least one certified skipper with an ICC (International Certificate of Competence) or equivalent, as well as a valid VHF license. The skipper must be proficient at handling a yacht in close quarters, mooring and anchoring in varying conditions.

The Italian authorities also ask that there be at least one other experienced adult onboard – though they don’t necessarily need to be qualified.

What are sailing conditions like in Italy?

Sailing conditions in Italy vary greatly depending on the time of year and the region you’re sailing. Rest assured that there’s something for everyone to enjoy! 

The area to the North of Sardinia is considered the best sailing area for beginners. The Maddalena islands are closely grouped and provide good shelter from weather & swell. Other areas like Sicily & The bay of Naples are more exposed and better suited to experienced sailors.

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