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Sail Holidays in Turkey

Turkey is an excellent choice for charterer’s of all levels. Steeped in tradition and teeming with natural beauty the Turkish coast is a wonder best uncovered from the privacy of your own chartered yacht. Experience Mediterranean culture with a Turkish twist! The famously hospitable locals will make you feel at home as you explore their wonderfully historic towns and villages.

Wherever you choose to charter you can be sure that you’ll be surrounded by coniferous forests that fall away into perfect turquoise waters. Well populated in antiquity, the Turkish coast has been sailed for time immemorial. Transport yourself back in time and follow in the footsteps of those who came before. The Coast is littered with Ancient sites and ruins – many of which will be worth a short detour, although that said, many can be directly sailed to!

Turkey offers stable weather for the majority of the year and has a long yachting season to match. Running through from mid-April to early November theres plenty of opportunity to go sailing outside of the usual summer holiday July/August period.

Why sail in Turkey?

  • Expansive coastline with many beautiful remote locations to enjoy
  • Reliable winds and calm sea states make excellent sailing conditions
  • One of the cheapest places to charter in the Med. 
  • Crystal Clear waters and stunning natural landscapes
  • Rich history with many sites of historical significance to explore 
  • Very friendly local population 


The Lycean Coast

Sailing out of either Gocek or Fethiye and following the Lycean coast South and East you’ll sail past rugged cliffs of pine forest that plunge into a perfect sea. Surrounded by verdant mountains, Lycean ruins, and turquoise…

Bodrum & The Gulf of Gokova

Bodrum serves as an excellent jump off point for a sailing holiday exploring the many destinations tucked away in the Gulf of Gokova. Sailing in the area is a simple pleasure, the gulf is protected from the stronger winds…

FAQ's - Sailing Turkey

Why charter a yacht in Turkey?

The Turkish coast has been navigated by sailors dating all the way back to the Bronze age. Much of that history is still proudly on display today! Popular charter destinations are dotted along the ‘Turkish Riviera’ otherwise known as the ‘turquoise coast’ in the South-West of the country.

This scenic coastline is littered with beautiful bays and stunning beaches, many of which can only be reached on your own charter yacht. Experience hospitality like nowhere else – the friendly locals take a special delight in sharing their beautiful country with visitors.

What is the best period to sail in Turkey?

The Turkish sailing season extends a little longer than elsewhere in the Med. You can visit and be quite certain of good weather April – October. If you’re considering a sailing holiday outside of the main summer period then Turkey might be a good location to consider.

Pricing scales with demand and school holiday periods will always see price increases. If your group has the flexibility it’s well worth visiting in shoulder months.

How much does it cost to charter a yacht in Turkey?

Turkey is perhaps the cheapest place to charter a yacht in the Med. The quote you’ll recieve will depend on: Time of year, sail-area & the yacht’s model, age & spec.

Week-long bareboat charters in the low season can start from as little as €1,200. While a peak period charter for a large luxury catamaran or gulet can reach €25,000 for a week sailing the Turquoise Coast.

What are the requirements for sailing in Turkey?

If you want to bareboat in Turkey then you’ll need at least one certified skipper with an ICC (International Certificate of Competance) or equivalent qualification. The skipper must be proficient at handling a yacht in close quarters, mooring and anchoring in varying conditions.

The Turkish authorities also ask that there be at least one other experienced adult onboard – though they don’t nessecarily need to be qualified.

Is it safe to sail around Turkey?

Despite many peoples impression of the country, the ‘Turkish Riviera’ is a very safe place to visit. The areas you’d be sailing are heavily reliant on tourism and the local’s will do anything they can to protect the industry. You’ll be blown away by how friendly and welcoming everyone is in this corner of the world!

What are sailing conditions like in Turkey?

Turkish sailing areas are well suited to beginners and families alike. There is very little chance of rain through the main summer months and consistent 15 – 20 knot winds from the North-West guarantee good sailing conditions. In most locations you’ll be sailing in the lee of the land so wave height is kept minimal.

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