Sailing Northern Dalmatia & The Kornati Islands

A yachting paradise, Northern Dalmatia & the Kornati region includes the Zadar Archipelago, Sibenik Archipelago & the Kornati islands themselves. Hundreds of largely uninhabited islands, islets and national parks adorn this area of extreme natural beauty. If you are looking for a sailing trip in Croatia where you can get off the beaten track and head out into un-spoilt nature then look no further.

Discover the origins of Croatia’s cultural identity in the city of Zadar, rich in history & well worth exploring. Then set sail and head out into the veritable maze of islands off the coast. There is so much to see that you’ll find it very hard to decide on an itinerary. From mountains, waterfalls, lakes and caves the area is packed full of natural wonders spread across hundreds of islands and islets. You could easily lose yourself for weeks if only you had the time!

Among the countless coves filled with pristine beaches there are many hidden restaurants providing the best in local cuisine. Otherwise visit one of several fortress towns along the coast. Each offering an exciting mix of modern and historical.


The Kornati Islands

The Kornati Island group consists of 140 largely uninhabited islands that combine to cover an area of 114 square miles. You can be certain that whichever you choose to visit, you’re unlikely to be disturbed! These islands are an excellent place to explore if you’re looking to get away from it all and enjoy quiet night under the stars. 

The majority of the islands fall under the purview of the Kornati National Park. Considering the areas natural beauty, numerous coves and crystal clear blue waters, it’s easy to see why they were considered worth protecting.

There are very few permanent residents of the islands and most of the area belongs to the people of Murter island who come to tend the many olive groves, vineyards and orchards.

The Šibenik Archipelago

Set amid the wild beauty of white rock and the azure sea, the Šibenik archipelago is a yachting paradise sure to please all who visit. Charter out of Šibenik, a wonderful town with gorgeous Venetian architecture rising up from the waters edge.

The Archipelago itself is made up from hundreds of isles and reefs adorned with a lush greenery. There are plenty of perfect anchorages just waiting to be discovered. You have to sail this oasis of Mediterranean delights to believe it. 

Krka national park is a particular highlight. Close to Šibenik town, the national park is one of Croatia’s most significant attractions – the waterfalls are truly something to behold!

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