The Bay of Naples & The Amalfi Coast

Sailing The Bay of Naples & the Amalfi Coast

The infamous Amalfi coast and its neighbouring islands of Ischia, Capri and Procida are amongst the most stunningly beautiful and romantic destinations you could find. Nestling within the bay of Naples, the area boasts stunning anchorages set between dramatic hillsides. Sail out of the main charter bases in Salerno or on Procida island and tour around one of Europe’s most famous holiday destinations!

The Amalfi coast has been labelled as an outstanding example of Mediterranean landscape by the UNESCO World Heritage Centre. A yacht charter is a great way to do the Amalfi Coast justice and see some of the lesser known spots in the area. Stay within reach of the mainland and sail between the three famous islands or visit the gorgeous coastal towns of: Amalfi, Poistano & Sorrento. If you want to venture further offshore you can head to the Pontine islands. Six small islands that are home to a gorgeous natural park. The Pontine islands offer a quiet reprieve quite different to the busier scenes you’ll find elsewhere.


Ischia & Procida

Ischia is the largest island in the Bay of Naples. The island has a stunning coastline adorned with many of the colourful villages the area is famous for. The Aragonese Castle on its Eastern shore is a must see! You can anchor beneath the castle which sits atop its own volcanic islet. Only connected to the main island by a small land bridge. Ischia has some of the best cafe bars, thermal spas, beaches and cosy harbours in the area.

The smaller island of Procida is utterly charming. Visit the vibrant old port of Marina Corricella and take in the sophisticated but laid back ambiance on offer. Adorned in lemon groves, the island is the best kept secret in the bay and you are sure to fall in love with it!

The Pontine Islands

The Pontine Islands are a group of six islands set off the Italian coast between Naples and Rome. The pretty archipelago is a paradise that makes for a perfect getaway. With natural beauty in abundance, there are numerous delightful anchorages to explore.

When the sun sets consider heading to the main island of Ponza. Featuring a perfect mix between slow and chic, the island boasts unspoiled nature, crystal clear waters, excellent food and stunning views. Despite the island drawing in many impressive yachts It is still a fishermen’s island, authentic and true to its character.

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