Sailing in Sardinia

Whether you’re looking for luxurious restaurants and a vibrant nightlife or you’d sooner explore semi-deserted beaches and anchor beneath a star filled sky, Sardinia has it all on offer. The North East portion of the island is the go-to sailing area. Charter out of the main charter bases of Portisco or Cannigione and then make your way up into the Maddalena archipelago for an unbeatable charter holiday. You might even consider crossing over to Corsica during your charter. Bonifacio is a particularly lovely town perched on the south of the island. Just make sure you reserve well in advance of your arrival as its a very popular holidaying spot!

Sardinia itself features some of Europe’s best white sand beaches and you’ll find them regularly interspersed along its rugged coastline. Best explored from the sea, only a yacht will let you discover the most authentic side of the region. 

Alongside all of its natural splendor there’s also a rich variety of culture & history on display. The island has been inhabited since the Bronze age and there are remnants of prehistory waiting to be uncovered on every corner of the island.


Costa S’meralda

Located roughly between the villages of Baja Sardinia and Porto Rotondo on the North East side of Sardinia, the Emerald Coast consists of miles and miles of picture-perfect bays, coves and white sandy beaches. Specifically tailored toward luxury tourism, the region has been developed with great consideration for its location. Its gracious architecture is characteristic: small, low, white buildings with soft lines that blend in beautifully with the surrounding Mediterranean vegetation.

In the Costa S’meralda you are invited you to enjoy the fine cuisine, great shopping and the suave and luxurious lifestyle on display in the small towns and villages within the region.

Maddalena Archipelago

Sitting just off the Costa Smeralda this Archipelago makes for a perfect nautical playground. These un-spoilt islands host a national park that extends over more than 60 small islands hiding countless anchorages and perfect swim spots. 

A perfect place to get away from it all, the area is popular with those looking for quiet nights at anchor surrounded by natural beauty. Sailing the islands could serve as a perfect counterpart to busier nights spent moored off the Sardinian mainland.

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