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The largest island in the Mediterranean, Sicily and the Aeolian islands off its Northern coast make for an exceptional cruising ground. This stunning destination seamlessly blends the best of Italy, past and present with an unbelievable natural setting. Sail out of either Portarosa or Capo d’Orlando, and head northward to the Aeolian islands.

The Aeolian islands, otherwise known as the seven sisters, are truly something to behold. Of volcanic origin – the islands have tall dramatic peaks that rise straight out of a perfect azure sea. The whole area is under UNESCO World heritage site protection and you’ll quickly realise why. With astonishingly beautiful black sand beaches, sulphuric mud baths and undersea vents bubbling on the sea floor. You’ll get a truly unique experience among these geological marvels.

With the islands all in close proximity the Aeolian offers excellent short-hop sailing. From the wilderness and cobalt blue waters of Vulcano, Stromboli & Filicudi to the historic & charming towns on the islands of Lipari, Panarea and Salina.



Stromboli is a highly active volcano with the characteristics to match. Steep sides come straight out of the sea and rise up to a single peak. Because of its peculiar geology the volcano is constantly spewing out lava and at night the glow at its summit can be seen for miles around. 

Depending on how active the volcano is at the time of your visit – it’s often possible to take a guided hike up to the summit for a sunset you’ll never forget. There are very few places where you can watch the sun set into the sea whilst lava is being hurled up just meters away from you! Alternatively if you find that hiking is impossible – set off early and enjoy sunrise from the Western side of the island. You can sit beneath the volcano and watch the glowing lava cascade down the hillside and into the waiting waters.


The largest island of the Aeolian group Lipari has a sizeable town of the same name. Occupied since the bronze age this town is a historical marvel that comes to life every evening throughout the summer period. With amazing gastronomy and delightful cocktails available its well worth staying in one of the two marinas here. 

Elsewhere on the island you’ll find spectacular beaches and delightful anchorages nestled under tall cliff-sides. Of particular note are the anchorages off its Southern tip of Punta della Crapazza where tall rock stacks rise out of the sea making for a fantastic setting. 

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