Sailing the Gulf of Gokova

Sail out of Bodrum, home to numerous cultured civilisations and “The Mausoleum at Helicarnassus” one of the ancient seven wonders of the world. A dream holiday destination, the City is steeped in history and has a magical atmosphere to it. With six marinas, Bodrum serves as an excellent jump off point for a sailing holiday exploring the many destinations tucked away in the Gulf of Gokova. Sailing in the area is a simple pleasure seeing as the gulf is protected from the stronger winds and higher sea state found out in the central Aegean.

Generally heading South and East you’ll discover lush green coniferous surroundings and countless bays in which to while away the hours. You might even consider starting in Bodrum and finishing in Marmaris if you have the time. With a big variation in the types of places you can visit, choose between peaceful coves & larger towns where you can find more life.



Visit the ancient hub of Knidos and head ashore to explore the ruins of this once-thriving trade centre. Knidos has two amphitheaters, (the larger of which seated an audience of 20,000!) a number of temples and an acropolis. Take in the view from above the ruined circular temple of Aphrodite – a site of worship which once attracted thousands of worshipers.

The Southern harbour has a restaurant with its own dedicated pier from which to enjoy this truly unique and special place.

English Harbour & Sedir Island

Rumoured to be the place where Mark Antony & Queen Cleopatra first fell in love. Sedir Island in the Gulf of Gokova, is a beautiful place to visit. Legend has it that the sand found at the beaches here was brought over sea especially for Cleopatra herself. The unique grains of sand are made from seashells that can generally only be found in Egypt.

Stay for the night in nearby English harbour, given its name due to a small number of Royal Marine commandos who worked from the quiet and secluded bay during World War II. Take your dinghy over to one of two restaurants ashore and enjoy the local cuisine whilst taking in the views out across the water. 

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